Headwaters of the North Raccoon River



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The Headwaters of the North Raccoon River WQI project area is located in a heavily row-cropped region where loss of agricultural nutrients to surface and ground waters is a known issue. The project will work side-by-side with local farmers and partners to promote the integration of management, land use change, and edge-of-field practices outlined in the Nutrient Reduction Strategy to decrease nutrient loss and improve water quality. A comprehensive list of key trusted agricultural advisers and retailers has been assembled to help deliver and promote nutrient stewardship practices in the watersheds with a focus on education, demonstration, adoption, and evaluation of practices identified in the Nutrient Reduction Strategy.

One of the goals of the project is to educate and engage producers and land owners in the adoption and implementation of conservation practices to reduce nutrient loss and improve water quality. The project also aims to promote experienced conservation farmers to share practical information of first-hand experience with conservation practices to create a can-do attitude towards agriculture and water quality improvement


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Lee Gravel