West Des Moines School Pond Improvements



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Project organizers will plant 11 acres of native Iowa prairie grasses and restore 5.5 acres of compacted soils. The city hopes these practices will transform the area into a high performing urban fishery for the surrounding community.

There are currently 11 acres of City property on a slope to the southeast of a pond that will be planted with a native mix. By converting this area to native prairie, the soil will be improved, there will be increased infiltration of rainwater, and runoff into the pond and situation will be decreased. Other benefits include increased aesthetics, improved wildlife habitat, less frequent mowing, lower fertilizer and herbicide use, and educational opportunities for the public and students at the adjacent schools.

The soil around the City facilities on the School/Campus is highly compacted with a large clay content. City staff has observed that during rain events, stormwater runs off from turf areas directly into the pond. The proposed project includes upgrading soil over an area of approximately 5.5 acres, which is used primarily for community events and youth sports.


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