West Branch of the Floyd River Water Quality Initiative





The Floyd River Watershed was identified as a statewide priority area in the Nutrient Reduction Strategy (NRS) due in large part to the fact that Sioux boasts the highest concentration of livestock in the state. West Branch of the Floyd River Water Quality Initiative will showcase nutrient reduction practices with a special emphasis upon accelerating the adoption across a broad section of the agricultural community. The project engages both public and private agricultural entities to foster voluntary adoption of a variety of conservation practices. Examples of conservation practices to be implemented with this project include but are not limited to: terraces, cover crops, no-till, grassed waterways, filter strips, nutrient management, and bioreactors.

The objectives of this project are to strengthen outreach, education and collaboration efforts among a cross-section private and public agricultural stakeholders. Until now, the agricultural community was in large part segregated with various entities working independently toward the individual goals within their respective organizations. Understanding that all sectors within the agricultural community need to look at these issues from a new perspective and work together if the goals of the Strategy are to be met, the project sponsors have engaged new partners from private and non-governmental sectors.

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