Watershed planning

When it comes to improving your local lake, river or stream, it takes an approach that looks at how the land affects the water and that involves those that live in that area.

Effective watershed improvement starts by involving the community and those experienced in natural resources in creating a long-term comprehensive plan. Like a road map directing you from the start to finish of your effort, the plan helps you create a strategic, targeted plan for making changes in your watershed.

Community-based planning is a voluntary, locally-led planning process that addresses social, economic and environmental concerns. Involving local stakeholders in the initial stages of developing a watershed plan helps ensure long-term success by getting local feedback on the complex set of economic, social and environmental data collected through the planning process. It also encourages local interest and action by fostering community ownership of the waterbody. Community-based planning helps formulate a group vision of the watershed or waterbody that will inspire citizens to act by prioritizing the identified issues in the watershed.


Success Stories