Restoring Storm Lake Storm Water



Grant award

Total project

Grant funds will be utilized to expand implementation of urban conservation in Storm Lake by implementing permeable paver parking lot in conjunction with bioswales, rain gardens, and tree wells. The project will also incorporate work in the agricultural landscape by installing four denitrifying bioreactors. 

This project targets three critical needs for low maintenance, inexpensive treatment solutions to enhance the storm water quality and form partnerships to encourage further participation in establishing best management practices in the region. The City of Storm Lake continues to seek our opportunities to partner with other water quality initiative efforts in the agricultural settings of the North Raccoon River Watershed to promote the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy to urban and rural residents alike. To that end, the City of Storm Lake is proposing three projects. Each one reduces nutrients yet each one demonstrates a different technology. The first project will be the construction of a "restorer" on a storm water pond. This floating wetland is designed to treat and remove nutrients as well as bacteria coming from agricultural runoff, City, and Hillshire storm water runoff. The City is also proposing to construct four bioreactors to treat storm and ground water originating in both agricultural lands as well as City runoff. Lastly, the City is requesting funding to reconstruct a public parking lot with pervious pavers to remove nutrients. 


Conservation Practices