Promenade Green Infrastructure Improvements



Grant award

Total project

This project incorporated a bioretention cell, native turf, bioswale and tree trenches into the promenade public gathering space as a demonstration of incorporating water quality practices into the cities infrastructure. This project and planned outreach events helped build community awareness of these practices and associated water quality benefits.

The Promenade currently consists of approximately 24,000 ft squared of impervious landscape pavers underlain by a combination of compacted dirt and previously existing concrete. The area has a history of standing water due to the high volume of runoff draining to the area and inability for storm water to infiltrate.

There are a total of four bioretention cells in the Promenade space. Two bioretention cells feature a bubbler which surface outlet water from awnings on the building onto the cells. This is meant to provide maximum water quality benefits. Due to lower than anticipated costs on the Promenade project, a second project was able to move forward with the remaining funds. The city chose to install a bioretention cell that captures runoff from a newly constructed parking lot at Riverside Park. This park has many baseball diamonds and soccer fields with limited parking, so the city decided to add more parking.


Conservation Practices