Monument Drive Pervious Paver System



Grant award

Total project

This project will capture and infiltrate stormwater runoff by converting an existing impervious road which currently drains to West Okoboji Lake to a permeable street. The lake is classified as high quality recreational water that also serves as the primary drinking water source for local communities. This project is located in a highly visible area and will provide a demonstration site for future community and water quality improvement efforts.

Once completed, this project will infiltrate stormwater runoff from 1.4 acres of residential area that is situated adjacent to and currently surface draining to West Okoboji Lake in Dickinson County. West Okoboji Lake is designated as a high quality recreational water that supports direct, prolonged and full body contact recreation. West Okoboji Lake is also the primary drinking water source for local communities, providing approximately 190 million gallons annually to the Cities of
West Okoboji, Wahpeton, Arnolds Park, Okoboji, and Milford. Osceola Rural Water and Iowa Lakes Regional Water which services rural Dickinson County also draw water from West Okoboji Lake.


Conservation Practices