Miller Creek Water Quality improvement project


Photo: Kristi Heffelmeier

Photo: Kristi Heffelmeier


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The Miller Creek project supports the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy and the Iowa Water Quality Initiative by working with producers in Black Hawk County’s Miller Creek Watershed to install demonstration practices to improve water quality in Miller Creek and for educational purposes. This is an innovative education-based project featuring a digital learning commons for producers to learn about conservation practices and water quality, a social media campaign, quarterly webinars, biannual hands-on workshops, and monthly informal networking events for producers.

The Miller Creek project will increase opportunities for hands-on learning, foster peer-to-peer learning through increased networking opportunities, and begin to shift social norms in favor of conservation.

Demonstration Practice Target Level

  • Cover crops 4,500 acres

  • Strip- or no-tillage 4,000 acres

  • Buffer strips 18 acres

  • Drainage water management 3 systems

  • Nitrification inhibitors 2,500 acres

  • Nitrogen application rate management 1000 acres

  • Denitrification bioreactors 4 installed


Conservation Practices

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clark porter


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