Demonstration of Targeted Nutrient Reduction Systems for Clayton County


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During the next three years, the Clayton Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) will develop and accelerate the use of cover crop, no-till, and erosion control systems in the Upper Roberts and Silver Creek watersheds. By demonstrating these practices, proving their effectiveness, and promoting their benefits, landowners and farm operators throughout northeast Iowa will be motivated to adopt sustainable nutrient reduction systems for their farms.

This effort will showcase a system of conservation practices tailored to produce quality waters, profitable crops, and healthy soils. For the next three years, the Clayton Soil and Water Conservation District has established the following objectives: 

  • Establish 1,500 acres of cover crops.

  • Motivate 20 farm operators to utilize no-till systems on continuous corn acres.

  • Target 20,000 feet of terraces to priority slopes near Roberts & Silver Creek.

  • Develop a series of field days, workshops, demonstrations and news articles that will increase public understanding of nutrient management issues and encourage greater involvement and participation in these programs.

  •  Continually evaluate progress and renew priorities for project activities.

Project Impacts
The Clayton Soil & Water Conservation District will support farmers that are willing to demonstrate, promote, and prove the effectiveness of cover crops, no-till, and terraces. This system will serve as a local model for nitrogen and phosphorus loading reductions. This effort is centered on targeted, voluntary conservation measures, and showcases how landowners, farm operators, agency staff, and service providers can build upon their past efforts, intensify their conservation ethic, and voluntarily work together to create water quality improvements.


Conservation Practices