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DescriptionThis project will feature three (3) priority areas across Calhoun County. These projects include adding to existing State Revolving Fund (SRF) Water Quality Sponsored Projects in Rockwell City and Lohrville as well as pilot projects near Twin Lakes. The Calhoun County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) Commissioners feel that including Twin Lakes is essential in creating a project that will reach many citizens, as it is a common gathering place with high visibility in the county.

At Twin Lakes, there are four (4) areas of interest. The first area is at the Bible Camp’s lake access at North Twin Lake; permeable pavers will address gully erosion into North Twin Lake from road runoff. The second area of interest is the residential property directly south of the Bible Camp’s lake access, which is owned by Carroll McLuckie. At the residential property, one (1) bio-retention cell, native landscaping and permeable pavers in the driveway are being proposed. The third area of interest is at the Bible Camp’s property on the northwest side of Twin Lakes Road, along the north property line. It is currently turf grass; the Bible Camp would like to convert approximately four (4) acres of the turf grass into native landscaping and a 100 square foot rain garden. The exact location has not yet been determined for this conversion, but it will be in an area with high infiltration rates. The final area of interest is at Featherstone Park, near North Twin Lake. It is anticipated that a rain garden of approximately 100 square feet will be implemented; the specific location has not yet been determined.

The practices installed throughout the Twin Lakes community will serve as demonstration projects which will create additional interest for practice implementation by both urban and agricultural landowners. Twin Lakes is an area of high visibility in Calhoun County, and the variety of these proposed projects will be seen by many citizens.

In Lohrville, four (4) bio-retention cells will be installed near the intersection of South Street and 3rd Street, which is an area of concentrated flow in the southeast portion of town. This project has been accepted and will be funded by the SRF Sponsored Projects. It has gone to bid and will be constructed this construction season.

Rockwell City will leverage SRF Sponsored Project funds to install three (3) bio-retention cells around existing storm sewer infrastructure in the southeast section of town near the intersection of Lemon Street and 3rd Street. There is a possibility that one (1) additional bio-retention cell near the Calhoun County Courthouse will be implemented through the help of this Water Quality Initiative. The Calhoun County Courthouse is another area of high visibility within the county, providing the opportunity for the bio-retention cell to be seen by many citizens.


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