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The site for this project is a highly impervious 40 acre area located at the top of the Troublesome Creek Watershed including properties owned by the Atlantic school and city parks department. The area is serviced by a traditional stormsewer system that collects and conveys all the stormwater into two dry detention ponds before discharging into the cities stormsewer system. The existing dry detention ponds are built for flooding benefits to pass smaller storms through the system, which provides little water quality benefits by transporting the majority of the common pollutants in stormwater runoff through the system.

The Atlantic Parks and Rec Department, in conjunction with the project partners listed on this grant, have been working together to develop a the project to serve under-utilized parks throughout the city. This master plan identified the park located directly east of the Atlantic High School, which has ongoing runoff/drainage issues and lack of public signage. While looking for solutions for the park, the city contacted the High School and other project partners for a joint project that benefits all parties.


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