Thom Miller | Winfield

Thom Miller maintains a diverse farming operation. He raises cattle, hogs and sheep along with corn, soybean, seed oats and sorghum.

Q. What water quality practices have you used on your farm?
A. I have incorporated buffer strips, waterways, terraces and have quite a few acres in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). I also use rotation grazing on some of my fields and multiple varieties and mixes of cover crops.

Q. Why did you voluntarily adopt these practices?
A. I wanted to see the water quality improve and the cover crops also serve as additional food sources for the livestock.

Q. What, if any, assistance did you receive to incorporate these practices (financial as well as technical)?
A. I had began using practices such as cover crops even before funding was available. When I learned there was cost share assistance for practices I went to the NRCS office and applied for assistance.

Q. What is your philosophy as it relates to farming and the environment?
A. I'd like to leave things better than they were when they were handed down to me. I want to have as small of an environmental footprint as possible for future generations.