It's Cover Crop Week! April 10-14

We're celebrating cover crops all week long! This conservation practice provides a variety of benefits, including increased soil health and protection, weed and disease suppression, and much more. We'd love to see and share your photos and stories. Please use #FarmersCoverIowa to join the conversation throughout this week and beyond!

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Did you know?
Cover crops reduce soil erosion by improving soil structure and permeability in addition to providing ground cover as a physical barrier between raindrops and the soil surface. They also scavenge residual nitrogen left in the soil profile. Cover crops can be seeded in the fall using a variety of methods including drilling after crop harvest, broadcasting after crop harvest, or aerially broadcasting before harvest.

The research summary indicated an average 31% reduction in nitrate (N) concentration with use of a rye cover crop and a 28% reduction with an oat cover crop. Planting a late summer or early fall seeded cover crop can reduce phosphate (P) loss by about 29%.

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